Class Descriptions

We specialize not only in cooking, but teaching you how to cook. Our family loves to cook together and create memories in the kitchen. Let us help your family do the same by attending one of our classes. You won’t regret it.

If your UNM Class gets cancelled for low enrollment please call me if you want the class. Many times I have private students attending the classes and you are welcome to pay us and join that class as well.

Vegetarian Feast
What is a parsnip and what do you do with it? Can beets really be good for you? Is that spinach we are having? There are so many vegetables out there just waiting to be used in some fabulous tasting dish. Come and not only learn, but eat these fine vegetables in soups, salads, side dishes and as main courses!

Cooking 101
Learn basic cooking techniques as well as developing new recipes to please all. You will learn how to read a recipe, how to put it all together in a timely manner and have the confidence to try new things. This class is a must for those who want to go forward in their culinary experience! You will learn knife skills, how to properly cut vegetables and fruit, and how use substitutions in recipes and have the same end result.

Sweetheart Dinner
Bring your special someone to this special class, whether it’s your partner in life or your best friend. Work together in pairs to create a lovely multi-course dinner complete with dessert to be shared. We will start with a handmade salad and dressing from scratch and end with a variety of chocolate truffles. This is a sweet experience to be shared with your sweetie!

Pressure Cooking
Learn how to prep and cook your meals in less than half the time! You will learn how to use your pressure cooker fearlessly. Using a variety of meats and vegetables in each class, you will be surprised at the combinations of meals that are possible. From green chile stew in 20 minutes, to chocolate cheesecake that will please any plate.

New Mexico Red or Green
There is nothing like homemade tortillas and sopapillas with your bowl of green chile stew. Come taste New Mexico cuisine at its finest! Learn how to make red and green chile sauce that will please even grandma. Green chile chicken enchiladas, pinto beans in a pressure cooker and homemade salsa will start our fiesta. Come hungry!

Breakfast for Dinner
Breakfast doesn’t just have to be in the morning; in this class you will learn how it can be both. Make Blueberry Lemon Scones, Frittata, Green Chile Quiche, Cheese Blintzes and so much more. We will learn how to bake some outstanding biscuits and top them with eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Cooking with Seasonal Products
This hands-on course will provide a basic understanding of the kitchen. Cooking is both an art and a science. Learning to cook is more than learning to follow a recipe. When you grasp the fundamentals of any skill, you become relaxed, confident and able to improvise. Understand the basic foundations of cooking and you are liberated from reliance on recipes and truly experience the joys of cooking. This course is the perfect starting point for all skill levels, from the beginner to the more experienced cook. A sampling of the dishes you will prepare: a seasonal selection of appetizers and desserts, roasted chicken breast with a pan sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and mixed green salad with a classic vinaigrette.

Different Ways with the ‘Same Old Bird’
Come and learn new recipes for cooking with chicken. In this class you will find ways to bake chicken and use the meat in several other dishes. Please your family and save time and money in the process. Out of two birds you will get four different entrees and sides! This class is all hands-on so come ready to roll up your sleeves and get cooking.

Contemporary Southwest
New Mexico’s unique foods and rich cultural traditions are expanded in this class. We will use the finest NM cuisine and create new dishes that will please. Red Chile Rubbed Salmon, Salsas, and Roasted Vegetables.

Spices and Rubs
Learn to combine, chop, mix and experiment with traditional and exotic spices as well as local New Mexico spices. After creating your spices and rubs you will apply them to a variety of meats, vegetables and sauces to spice up your favorite dish! You will also learn to create oils and homemade vanilla! Come and create in this exciting class.

Six Ingredients or Less
This is a beginner class for those who just need a little help getting dinner on the table. You will learn basic techniques in cooking and what is really meant by a pinch of salt. Learn the fundamentals while preparing delicious and simple cuisine.

Cooking on a Budget
Cook on a budget and create fantastic food. You will learn how to prepare a chicken and then make several meals out of it. Learn tips to stretch your dollar by shopping for sale items, creating menus, cooking food and freezing some for later. What to do with a tough cut of meat? Come to class and see what you can save and create!

Tapas, small bites but full of flavor and filling. Learn what the Spanish have already figured out. You don’t have to have a huge serving of food to have bountiful taste. Tapas are small bites such as fried avocados with salsa, Paella with pork and chicken.

Cuisine in 30 Minutes or Less
Ever feel you have to be fast and furious to get something on the table for dinner? This class is for you. You will learn about time management, recipes that don’t take hours to prepare but taste like you spent hours in the kitchen. Beef Stroganoff, Pecan Chicken, Cajun Catfish all done with side dishes in 30 minutes or less. Come with big expectations to be met and conquered here. This class is not for someone who doesn’t like to eat!